Ajna Chakra | Practices

Almost all yogic practices are concerned with awakening ajna chakra, whether directly or indirectly. The following are a few which simultaneously develop sensitivity to the location of ajna and the bhrumadhya in preparation for kriya yoga. We don’t expect you to do all of them – choose one or two and practise them regularly.


This is a very powerful technique. With regard to developing sensitivity to the location of ajna chakra and bhrumadhya, a candle is certainly the best object. Feel as though you are gazing at the candle, or whatever object you choose, with your eyebrow centre instead of the two eyes.

A particularly powerful method for developing simultaneously sensitivity to both ajna and bhrumadhya involves the integration of trataka with the flow of breath as described in stage 3. You should try to feel that the breath is piercing both ajna and bhrumadhya while it flows to and fro along the maha nadi. That is, as you breathe in feel that the breath is being drawn in through the eyebrow centre to eventually pierce ajna; as you breathe out feel that the breath is being pushed forwards from ajna to eventually pierce the eyebrow centre. Continue in this manner while maintaining a concentrated gaze on the candle flame.

Trikuti Sandhanam

The word sandhanam means ‘search’. Therefore, this practice can be called ‘the search of the location of the bhrumadhya’. The practice is as follows: Sit in a comfortable asana (you can also practise while lying flat on the floor, but be careful not to sleep). Try to feel the location of the eyebrow centre. Feel the rhythmic blood pulse at that point; at first the pulsation may be indistinct, but with time and practice you will clearly discern it. For at least 5 minutes fix your attention on the pulse. Then mentally integrate the sound of Aum with each pulsation at the eyebrow centre . . . Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum …. Be totally aware of this continuous vibration of Aum . Continue in this manner for as long as you have time available.

Note: this practice can be done at any time during the day, whether working or resting, eating or walking. Using this technique one will become very sensitive to the bhrumadhya.

Shambhavi Mudra

Shambhavi mudra is also called bhrumadhya drishti (eyebrow gazing) and is an excellent method of developing sensitivity to the bhrumadhya and should be mastered in this sadhana course. It is an integral part of kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga – ajna location

Kriya yoga is one of the most powerful methods of awakening ajna chakra if it is practised sincerely and regularly. In various specific techniques attention is directed to ajna chakra in the centre of the head. Location is not easy at first, though it becomes easier with practice and time. As preparation for kriya yoga, we suggest that you spend a few minutes every day trying to locate ajna chakra. Sit quietly and focus your attention at the centre of the head. Eventually you will become sensitive to the exact location The best time to practise is immediately after trataka, trikuti sandhanam, shambhavi mudra or, in fact, any other meditative technique. This will prepare you for the forthcoming kriya yoga techniques.

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