Anahata Shuddhi (Purification Of Anahata)

The method of locating the anahata chakra and kshetram is called anahata shuddhi – the purification of the anahata. It is veiy simple and the procedure is as follows. Sit in a comfortable pose. Hold the back straight, but without strain. Close the eyes. Be aware of the expansion and contraction of the chest as you breathe in and out. Feel as though the breath is being pulled in and out at the chest (anahata kshetram) as the chest expands and contracts. As you breathe in, feel the breath being pulled from the anahata chakra trigger point in the

spine through the anahata kshetram and outwards in front of the body.

As you breathe out, feel the breath being pushed inwards through the anahata kshetram to the anahata chakra in the spine. Try to feel the exact locations of the chakra and kshetram. Continue in this way for about 10 minutes. Then synchronize the mantra Aum with the breathing process: Aum with inhalation and Aum with exhalation. Feel the breath and the mantra piercing the chakra and kshetram in the same way as already described. Continue in this manner for the time that you have assigned for the practice; at least 10 minutes is recommended.

Integration with Ajapa In this topic we have described ajapa stage 3′. As the breath moves up and down between the navel and the throat, feel the piercing of the manipura and anahata kshetram. With practice this will become very distinct.

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