Antar Mouna – Stage 2 | Awareness

We have already mentioned the importance of awareness, but because this attitude is so important we will again emphasize it. Try not to identify with thoughts .. . try to remain a witness. Try to imagine that you are watching television: the thoughts and visions are the program and you are the viewer. This attitude is essential in order to gain the fullest benefits from the practice.

In the beginning you will definitely identify with the thoughts. You will become absentminded and entangled in them. Then a few seconds or minutes later you will realize with a sudden jolt that you were totally absorbed and caught in the net of thoughts. You will know that you lost awareness. Do not worry, for this tendency to become lost in thoughts and identify with them is part of human conditioning since birth. .All you must do is to be more alert. Try to maintain the attitude of a witness … be aware.

Readiness for stage 3

Total exhaustion of negative thoughts and emotions is impossible. Therefore, the second stage must be left at an earlier point even though it is not really completed. You should proceed to stage 32 when you start to become overwhelmed by psychic visions. If you do not experience visions, then proceed to stage 3 when you have spent a month or so practising stage 2.

Thought awareness twenty-four hours a day

The method that we have described can be practised as part of your daily yogic practice program. However, we suggest that you try to practise spontaneous thought awareness twenty-four hours a day. You should always try to be aware, a witness of your thoughts. Allow them to arise and then dissipate into nothing, like vapour. This prevents the buildup of emotions and also releases those tensions, gross and subtle, that you have already accumulated. If you are sincerely seeking meaning and a deeper knowledge of life, we strongly urge you to start practising thought awareness on a more permanent basis. Do not suppress thoughts, for suppression has been your method of avoiding unpleasant thoughts and experiences since birth. These mental suppressions act as a fog that dulls the mind; they act as a smoke screen preventing perception of the deeper aspects of one’s being. They prevent the subtle perception that is absolutely necessary in the higher stages of yoga. Let the thoughts bubble up, empty the mind of its impurities and remove the veil that prevents intuitive knowledge.

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