Antar Mouna (Stage 3) | Choice of thoughts and images

You can choose any thoughts that you wish, but don’t waste your time choosing inconsequential thoughts. Choose negative thoughts in preference to positive thoughts; the more unpleasant, the better. Do not waste your time with thoughts such as: “I will have a bath this morning” or “What time is it?” for these thoughts are unlikely to be associated with strong emotions; they are not likely to stir up emotionally charged thoughts from the subconscious. Choose a thought such as: “That man cheated me of money” or “I really hate my boss”. These type of thoughts are much more likely to induce subconscious eruptions of other thoughts and emotions.

If you cannot think of any unpleasant thought, then choose any thought that arises. For example, you can try to remember the things that you did in the previous twenty-four hours, progressing in sequence hour by hour. Or you may choose to think about the train journey to your place of work. Let your mind follow all the events that happen on the journey. Or you may choose a thought such as: “Where did I lose my umbrella?” Expand this line of thought: “I left it in the train; no, I had it later, because I prodded someone with it when I reached my destination, yet it definitely wasn’t with me when 1 left work.” And so forth. Choose any thought and follow it. Do not let the mind wander off the theme you have chosen. Keep it on one track. Create as many thoughts as you can concerning the chosen idea. Let your thoughts follow a sequence. If you wish you can create vivid mental images, the more unpleasant, the better. These images can be integrated with the thought sequence. Most people will find this difficult, but if you can do it you will find that it is a good method of awakening suppressed subconscious thoughts, images and experiences.

Thoughts have no end, for one thought leads to another and that thought in turn leads to another. Therefore, after a certain period of time you have to cut your thought sequence, you have to leave it and create a new sequence. If you wish you can spend half an hour on one theme, especially if it is a thought sequence that is particularly disturbing. However, in general we suggest that you spend no more than a few minutes on each thought sequence.

Try not to repeat the same thought sequence, for this is a waste of valuable time. Create new trains of thought and exhaust them. Throw them out of the mind. After some practice you will develop the habit of confronting conscious thoughts and then exhausting them. This is a great help in bringing peace into the mind.

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