Antar Mouna (Stage 3) | Technique

Sit in a comfortable pose.

Close the eyes.

Create any thought of your choice.

Be aware of all the thoughts that you can create on the same theme.

Don’t allow irrelevant thoughts to distract you.

Keep your thoughts on the chosen theme.

Create as many thoughts as you can on that one theme, allowing only thoughts that you wish to appear.

Try to be aware .. . a witness of the whole process.

Don’t become overpowered by spontaneous thoughts; if they arise say to yourself: ‘not now’ and return to thoughts on the chosen theme.

Then after a minute or so throw it out with a sudden jerk.

Create another thought, preferably a disagreeable one.

Study it for a minute or so.

Think of all aspects of that chosen thought.

Create deliberate thoughts on that theme.

Brood over it.

Then cut that train of thought.

Invite a new thought and repeat the same procedure.

Then become aware of the chidakasha – the space in front of the closed eyes.

Watch that space and allow any spontaneous thoughts to arise.

Be a witness to any thoughts or visions that arise.

This is the time when you may become aware of suppressed subconscious experiences.

Only be a witness.

Then after a minute or so again create a thought at will and create a sequence of associated thoughts.

After a minute or so wipe out your perception of the thoughts.

Choose another thought and create a sequence of related thoughts on the same theme.

Then again be aware of the chidakasha.

Only be aware of the spontaneous eruption of thoughts – don’t intentionally create thoughts.

Then after a minute or so again create a new train of thought.

Continue in this manner for as long as you have time available.

This is the technique of antar mouna stage 3.


Try to be a witness throughout the entire process.

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