Application of the right system

Each healing system has its place. For specific ailments some systems are better than others. It is important to choose the correct healing system for the treatment of a given disease. Some systems act more directly; others act more subtly. Gem therapy, perfume therapy healing methods act slowly. The important and colour therapy, for example, have a very thing is the final result . . . abundant good subtle influence on the mind and body. They are not very useful in the treatment of diseases such as dysentery. Allopathic medicine, on the other hand, will act directly to help bring about a cure of dysentery.

It is important that the practitioner of any of these healing systems, whether doctor, masseur, chiropractor, naturopath or whatever. knows the limitations of the system that he follows. People who prescribe a method of treatment must know its limitations and its remedial powers. They must know the field in which that particular system is useful and stick to that field. Ailments that cannot be treated should be left to other healing systems that can provide a remedy. There is surely a system available to help treat every disease. Practitioners of every healing system make the mistake of overstepping themselves. They recommend their method for an ailment which it cannot cure. This causes unnecessary suffering to patients through adopting an inadequate or unsuitable healing system for that particular disease.

The same criticism can be applied to yoga enthusiasts. Too often one asana is recommended as the certain treatment for an ailment such as hernia. This misinformed approach is not only wasting the time of the patient, it is also ‘cheating’ him, as well as giving yoga a bad name. The patient will tend to criticize yoga as a healing system when he gets no relief It is therefore important in all systems, including yoga, that the expert knows all the limitations.

All systems have their place and help in maintaining good health. All systems should be seen as being part of the spectrum of healing systems. The different systems should be unified so that barriers are broken down between them. In this way the best treatment for a given ailment is more likely to be prescribed. Let all systems be unified so that they can form one comprehensive system.

If you have an ailment you have to use some discretion in adopting a certain healing system. Don’t become tied to one system or one person. The test is in the cure. Therefore, look carefully until you find a system that brings relief. Give the healing system that you adopt a chance to work. Many diseases take time to treat, some healing methods act slowly. The important thing is the final result . . . abundant good health.

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