Basti (Yogic Enema) | Retention of water

If you have the time then the water can be retained inside the colon for a period of time. This should be done after completing stage 2 before starting stage 3. Hold the water inside for as long as you can, perhaps 5 or 10 minutes. This will help to further remove stool that has encrusted on the intestinal walls.

Number of rounds

If you have time repeat stages 1 to 4 until the evacuated water is perfectly clean.

Water and air basti compared

Water basti is a better practice than air basti since it thoroughly scrubs the intestinal walls. Air basti does not clean the walls of the bowels; rather it helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis it may be too drastic. If you suffer from these in order to remove accumulated stool. Both type of disorders you should seek expert are very useful for constipation. guidance. Air basti has the advantage that it can be practiced anywhere without preparation (apart Benefits from ensuring a nearby toilet). If you have constipation, we advise you to practise it every day while in the latrine. If you have more time available, then do water basti as it is a better alternative.

Time of practice

Both water and air basti can be practised at any time, but not after food (because of nauli). The best time is early in the morning before breakfast.

If you intend to go on a fast then we suggest that you practise basti beforehand. This will clean out the bowels and allow the fasting to bring about maximum purification of the body.


Sthala (air) basti can be practised as often as you wish. There is no limitation. Jala (water) bast: on the other hand should only be practised when necessary. For general cleanliness of the bowels once a week is sufficient. If you have constipation, however, it can be utilized every few days. Water basti should not become a daily habit. It is natural for the colon to contain a certain amount of stool. It is in this stool that bacteria grows, which is necessary for maintaining general health of the body. Excessive use of basti will interfere with this process of bacterial growth, also it will tend to irritate the large intestinal lining (mucosal).

Actually the daily use of basti or any other form of enema is absolutely not necessary. Many people think that their colon has to be perfectly clean. They develop a neurosis if they do not go to the toilet every morning. For this reason they resort to the daily use of an enema or laxative. Try to avoid this drastic measure and do not worry if you cannot go to the latrine every day.

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