Bindu and sex | Part 2

All systems of yoga control prana in one way or another; sometimes it is direct control as in the case of pranayama, in other cases it is indirect. The meeting and merging of these two polarities, Shakti and Shiva, individual and consciousness, leads to superconsciousness: “He who realizes the essential oneness of the two bindus when the red bindu merges with the white bindu alone knows yoga.” (v. 64)

Only he who unites these two polarities can know the real meaning of yoga (union) through experience. In these verses we have only discussed the symbolic meaning of the bindu, but there are many more implications behind the previous verses in the practical use of sexual intercourse as a means to higher consciousness. The verses imply that retention of orgasm, by both male and female, during sexual intercourse – retention of the physical bindu – can lead to absorption in the exquisitely subtle bindu, the trapdoor to the sahasrara. The harmony, concentration and unleashing of psychic forces under controlled conditions of sexual intercourse can lead to transcendental experience. This can arise only, however, when there is a high degree of mental harmony in the practitioners. Those people who do not have the necessary level of mental purity will not reap the benefits of spiritual experience. This method is called maithuna in tantra and is prescribed for those aspirants called virya (literally: heroic) – those with a reasonable level of attainment in yoga. The average person is called pashu (instinctive) which means that they have so much disharmony in the mind that they will not reap the fruit of maithuna. Sexual intercourse is for anyone who is inclined; maithuna, however, in the real sense is not. There has to be prior purification of the mind.

Maithuna is not part of kriya yoga as such, but the purpose of both methods is the same: expansion of awareness and fusion with the shoonya via bindu. In maithuna, the bindu of sexual intercourse is utilized to heighten sensitivity to the transcendental bindu; in kriya yoga, the trigger point of the bindu at the back of the head is utilized to bring about the same result.

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