Bindu | The power within the infinitesimal point | Part 1

Every particle, even the tiniest such as the atom, is the centre of a much greater power than is indicated by its external appearance. Science, especially in recent years, is finding this out to the astonishment of vast numbers of scientists. Those who are familiar with modern research into atomic particles positrons, neutrons, electrons, protons, neutrinos, psi-particles, mu-musons, leptons, muons, ‘u’ particles and a multitude of other particles – will appreciate how much power is concentrated in these tiny point-sized particles in the space-time continuum. Atomic physics seems to be moving into the realms of the inexplicable.

The degree of intelligence in such organic bodies as DNA molecules, RNA molecules and so on is also an illustration of how much can be condensed into the confines of a small point. The deeper science delves into nature, the more power and complexity it finds. Instead of becoming simpler with decrease in size, tiny particles of the type already mentioned indicate that there is vast potential within each one of them.

The power of the point (bindu) has been known by mystics through the ages. In tantra, each bindu, each particle of manifested existence, is regarded as a centre of power – shakti. Shakti is an expression of the underlying substratum of static consciousness. The aim of tantra is to merge shakti (the individual) with shiva (consciousness). The means to do this is the bindu.

Kabbalists were also very much concerned with bindu. It corresponded to the state of being where one could say: ‘I am’. It was called kether (the crown) because it occupies the most prominent place in the creation of all things. It was regarded as the link between the manifested and the unmanifested. It was known as the primordial dot, for all things emanated from, or rather, through it.

According to the philosophy of the Kabbala, nine sephiroth evolved from the kether (bindu). Together they formed ten sephiroth on the mythical and symbolic tree of life. The nine sephiroth below the kether are chakras (levels of human consciousness). In yoga, only six main chakras are utilized and discussed, but there are others. Therefore, though there are different numbers of chakras in the two systems, yoga and the Kabbala, the light of consciousness and manifestation shines firstly through the kether, then progressively filters down to the other sephiroth (chakras) in turn. This is exactly the same as tantra-yoga, where consciousness shines firstly through bindu then down through the chakras.

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