Bindu | The power within the infinitesimal point | Part 2


In some mystical systems sahasrara, source of all things, is symbolized by a circle. Powers inherent in this circle of infinite potential focus at an infinitesimal point at the centre. Pascal, the famous mathematician, said: “The supreme is a circle, of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”

This centre is the bindu. The centre of bindu is the core of all things, from the sun to an atom. From bindu, objects become manifested into objective reality by expanding outwards to express inherent potential. This potential may be physical, pranic and mental. In the Zohar, one of the Kabbalistic scriptures, it says: When the concealed of the concealed wished to reveal himself, he first of all made a single point: the infinite was entirely unknown, and spread no light until the luminous point violently broke into manifested reality.” Many mystical sects also speak of the macrocosm being reflected and reproduced within the microcosm. This is achieved through the intermediary of the bindu. In spiritual life, the microcosm is man and the macrocosm is consciousness.

Perhaps the best way to conclude this part is to give a vivid description of one person’s experience of the power inherent within bindu. The following are two quotations from a book called Kundalini: the Evolutionary Energy in Man written by Gopi Krishna: “My body, the chair I was sitting on, the table in front of me, the room enclosed by the walls, the lawn outside and the space beyond, including the earth and appeared to be mere phantoms in this real, interpenetrating and all pervasive ocean of existence which, to explain the most incredible part of it as best I can, seemed to be simultaneously unbounded, stretching out immeasurably in all directions, and yet no bigger than an infinitely small point. From this marvellous point, the entire existence, of which my body and its surroundings were a part poured out like radiations as if a reflection as vast as my conception of the cosmos were thrown out upon infinity by a projector no bigger than a pinpoint, the entire intensely active, gigantic world picture dependent on the beams issuing from it.”

This point is bindu and is described further: “…my lustrous conscious self is floating, with but an extremely dim idea of the corporeal name in a vivid bright conscious plane, every fragment of which represents a boundless world of knowledge, embracing the present, past: and future, commanding all the sciences, philosophies and arts ever known or that will be known in the ages to come, all concentrated and contained in a point existing here and everywhere, now and always, a formless, measureless ocean of wisdom from which, drop by drop, knowledge has filtered and will continue to filter into the human brain.”

Both of these descriptions give a clear indication of the power inherent within bindu. The bindu must be a focal point of power because it connects all things to their common, underlying source. As we have already pointed out, science is beginning to find out this fact, something that mystics have known since time immemorial.

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