Bindu, vishuddhi chakra and amrit

When we described vishuddhi chakra we pointed out that nectar or amrit trickles down from bindu to vishuddhi2. This amrit is bliss and the bindu is the abode of uninterrupted bliss. This is symbolized in Indian mythology by the river Ganges (nectar) coming from the crescent moon (bindu).

This amrit or divine nectar Hows down through the sushumna passage from bindu’. In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika it says: “The nectar secreted from the bindu is indeed the consort (Shakti) of Shiva (consciousness). It fills the sushumna passage.” (v. 4:46)

In kriya yoga, the aim is to awaken the chakras and balance ida and pingala so that bindu will flood the sushumna passage.

Bindu and concentration of mind

Bindu implies dissolution or nullification of mental fluctuations. The mind becomes lucid, receptive and perfectly one-pointed. It becomes crystalline … a perfect reflector of pure consciousness.

In the famous Yoga Sutras by Patanjali it says: “To block the patterns of consciousness is yoga.” (1:2)

This is a raja yoga text and concentration of mind is brought about by raja yoga techniques. The bindu is not mentioned in the entire scripture, yet they are really talking about the same thing. Perfect concentration of mind implies that there is awareness of bindu. Piercing of the bindu, as in kriya yoga, implies that there is perfect concentration of mind. The bindu also implies total cessation of all mental fluctuations; at this stage the path of yoga is transformed into the experience of yoga.

Some yogic methods bring concentration of mind through manipulation of prana, as in pranayama. The sense behind this approach is explained as follows: “When the breath is irregular, then the mind is also unsteady, but when the breath is controlled then the mind too will be controlled, calm and one-pointed.” (Hatha Yoga Pradipika 2:2) Conversely: “Steadiness of mind leads to steadiness of the prana; with this the bindu also becomes steady.” (Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4:28)

Therefore, control of breath, concentration of mind and bindu are closely related. When the mind is concentrated on the bindu point, then one passes from the limited to the unlimited. One passes beyond the realms of the mind. This is the reason why concentration of mind is the essence of all yoga practices and spiritual life in general. It is by piercing the bindu that one passes into the realm of pure consciousness, into the realms of zero time the timeless.

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