The most subtle of the chakras is the ajna.

Beyond ajna and even more subtle isbindu. It is not a chakra. The chakras are associated with the human psychic framework; bindu, on the other hand, is the subtle centre from which the human framework itself arises. Bindu is therefore the primary manifesting source of the chakras themselves. The chakras are within the realms and fetters of the mind; bindu is bevond the mind.

The subject of bindu may seem very technical, abstract and incomprehensible, but it implies an elevated and profound part of tantra-yoga and other mystical systems. Though it may appear to have little significance in terms of practical yoga, it is the purpose of all yoga practices to induce awareness of the bindu. Actually it is completely inexplicable in terms of logic, for it unites the finite with the infinite. like the six main chakras, it is completely impossible to understand bindu by discussion, reading or speculation.


The word bindu comes from the Sanskrit root bind – ‘to split’, ‘to divide’. This means that the bindu is the origin of individuality; it is the point where the oneness first divides itself to produce duality, the world of multiple forms. This division implies limitation in knowledge, action and so forth.

Bindu implies a point without dimension – a dimensionless centre. In Sanskrit texts it is often called cliidghana, that which has its roots in the limitless consciousness. The word bindu also means zero or voiclness – the shoonya. More correctly, bindu is the gateway to the shoonya. This zero orvoidness is not, however, a total nothingness. It is a voiclness, an emptiness that contains the fullest potential.

It is a voiclness, an emptiness that contains the fullest potential. In fact, the word shoonya should be translated not a nothingness, but as no-thingness. There is a vast difference between these two words. The state of no-thingness is pure consciousness Bindu is therefore a mysterious, ineffable focal point where the two opposites – infinity and zero, fullness and no-thingness – coexist. Bindu is widely called the bindu visarga – ‘the falling drop’. This means that bindu is one of many drops of nectar that continually trickle down from sahasrara, the primal fountainhead. This nectar irrigates life. This nectar is the real ‘water of life’.

In summary we can say that bindu literally means seed, small particle, semen or sperm, apoint, dot and so forth. It represents tbe focalpoint of individuality, whether animate or inanimate. It is the cosmic seed from which allthings manifest and grow. It is an infinitesimallysmall point of infinite potential.

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