Chakra Anusandhana (Search For The Chakras) | Part 2 | Technique

Take a comfortable sitting position. Close the eyes. Relax the whole body, but keep the spine upright. Breathe normally. Fix your awareness at the mooladhara chakra trigger point. This is the starting point for the first round. Let your awareness ascend the arohan psychic passage (frontal passage).

You should let your awareness pass in turn through the swadhisthana, manipura, anahata and vishuddhi kshetrams until it reaches bindu. As you pass through each centre, mentally say the name of the centre: mooladhara, swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, bindu. After reaching bindu you should immediately let your awareness descend through the awarohan passage to mooladhara. As your awareness passes through each centre mentally say: ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, swadbisthana, mooladhara. This completes 1 round or circuit of awareness. Immediately begin a second round by moving your awareness upwards through the arohan passage, again mentally saying the name of each centre as you pass through them.

Do not make tense efforts to locate the chakra and kshetram trigger points; just let your awareness flow through the centres without effort.

Try to imagine that each centre is a railway station, and that your awareness is like a train that passes through them without stopping. The centres should be regarded as if they are part of the psychic scenery. If you wish you can try to imagine your awareness as a thin silver serpent travelling in an elliptical path within the body. Do 9 rounds. Then proceed to kriya number 315.

Alternative route of the arohan psychic passage

There is also another pathway for the arohan psychic passage that has been taught by tradition throughout the ages. On the ascent, the awareness is taken from vishuddhi kshetram to the lalana chakra in the palate, then to the nose tip, then to bhrumadhya14, then follows the curvature of the skull through sahasrara at the crown to bindu at the back of the head. This method is perfectly valid and also follows a natural flow or circuit of subtle prana. If you already practise kriya yoga and use this psychic passage in your kriyas then you should continue to do so. If you are now learning kriya yoga through this book then you can experiment with both passages and find the one you like the best. However, in this course we will generally refer to the arohan passage as connecting the vishuddhi kshetram directly to bindu in the way explained under the previous heading.


Breathing should be normal and not synchronized with the flow of awareness through the psychic passages.


The awareness should flow through all the centres in the arohan and awarohan psychic passages, noting each centre and repeating its name as you pass through. Mentally count each round as your awareness reaches mooladhara.


Practise 9 complete rounds only. An average duration will be about 4 minutes.

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