Chakra Bhedan (Piercing The Chakras)

Lesson 34

When the sankalpa and vikalpa are rooted out, the karmas influence no more, desires and illusions are removed by the unbroken practice, then only does the ever blissful state of yoga nidra dawn. The state which is other than the three present states, enjoyed by the yogis in a relaxed way, is called turiya; then only the omnipresent nidra in the form of pure consciousness illumines. Therefore, always enjoy that nidra which is not a form of prakriti but is the manifested form of purusha.

Adishankaracharya, Yogataravali 25/26


Topic 1 | Kriya Yoga Practice

Kriya 14: Chakra Bhedan (Piercing The Chakras)

The word chakra means ‘psychic centre’, and bhedan means ‘to pierce’. The practice ofchakra bhedan can be translated as ‘piercing the chakras or psychic centres’. It is the fourteenth kriya and comes immediately after amrit pan.

Out-of-phase breath awareness

In most of the kriyas we have taught so far breathing is synchronized with awareness of the arohan and awarohan psychic passages. That is, with inhalation awareness ascends the frontal arohan passage and with exhalation awareness descends the spinal awarohan passage. The characteristic feature of chakra bhedan is that the breathing is not perfectly synchronized with the awareness of the two psychic pathways. Instead, the relationship is as follows:

Inhalation from swadhisthana downwards to mooladhara and then upwards in the frontal arohan passage to vishuddhi, passing through the intermediate kshetrams in turn.

Exhalation upwards from vishuddhi to bindu and then downwards in the spinal awarohan passage to swadhisthana, passing through the intermediate chakras in turn. The breath is rotated through the two psychic pathways, but slightly out of phase.

Sitting position

The best sitting poses are padmasana, siddhasana or siddha yoni asana. If you cannot do these asanas then any other comfortable sitting asana will suffice. It is best if you remain in the same asana that was utilized for the previous kriya.


When you have finished amrit pan, the previous kriya, immediately start chakra bhedan. Do not move your body or let your mind wander.


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