Chakra Shuddhi (Purification the Chakras)

Location of the other chakras

Over the previous three lessons we have given techniques for locating and gaining sensitivity to the mooladhara2, swadhisthana3, and manipura trigger points4, and the corresponding kshetram. If you can now locate these points easily and clearly, then you can start to practise chakra shuddhi instead. This practice is very simple and is as follows:

Take a comfortable sitting position.

Close the eyes.

Begin with the mooladhara chakra.

Centre your attention at mooladhara chakra.

Mentally chant Aum 21 times, synchronizing the chanting with the pulse beat at mooladhara.

Then repeat the same thing first with the swadhisthana chakra and then the kshetram; chant Aum mentally 21 times at each location in coordination with the pulse.

Then repeat the same thing with the manipura chakra and kshetram.

If you have time, repeat the whole process, starting again from mooladhara.

If you wish you can use a mala to record the 21 chants at each location. Tie a knot after the twenty-first bead. Then rotate the mala at each location until you reach the knot; then reverse the rotation back to the sumeru bead5. It is important however that most of your attention is on feeling the mantra vibration at the chakra and kshetram sites, the minimum being directed to the rotation of the mala.

We suggest you practise this technique from now onwards to develop sensitively to the chakra and kshetram locations. If you have difficulty in feeling these sites then continue with the individual chakra practices described previously.

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