Chankramanam | Purpose

Chankramanam has a number of purposes:

Loosens up the body. During meditative practice the body becomes very stiff and painful. Chankramanam is a method of removing this stiffness and the accompanying aches and pains.

Revitalizes the body. After a prolonged period of sitting, the blood circulation tends to become sluggish and the blood stagnates in various parts of the body. Chankramanam reactivates the blood flow, helping to maintain health of the numerous organs and functions of the body such as digestion, respiration, etc.

Removes sleepiness. The increased blood supply wakes up the brain removing drowsiness.

Removes introversion. In meditative practice it is very easy to become introverted and to become lost in one’s compulsive thoughts. Chankramanam helps to reduce and prevent excessive introversion without going to the other extreme of extroversion. It brings a balance between these two extremes so that one perches on the razor’s edge between them.

Develops aivareness of the present. Awareness of one’s movements and mantra reduces the tendency to brood about the past or dream about the future.

Chankramanam is useful if you start to yawn during your daily meditative program. It helps to bring greater benefits when you again continue your practice. In fact, those sadhakas who sit in one position for hours and hours should definitely practise chankramanam in order to maintain good health.

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