Dhanurakarshanasana (Archer’s Pose) | Breathing & Awareness | Benefits

Inhale before pulling the big toe towards the ear, with the foot resting on the thigh. Retain the breath while drawing the foot backwards, remaining in the final pose and while returning the foot to the thigh. Exhale at the end of each round.


Fix your awareness on breathing and on applying maximum pull on the foot.


You can do as many rounds as you wish. We suggest about five rounds with each leg.


This asana can be done at any stage in your asana practice program and at any time during the day.

Method of grasping the big toe

The foot has to be firmly pulled backwards in the final pose. Therefore, the fingers must tightly grasp the big toe. The best method is to wrap the second (index) finger around the big toe to form a loop. The loop should be closed with the thumb.


This is an excellent asana for loosening up the leg joints and strengthening the arms. It also helps to remove back and neck ache. It has been found useful in treating hydrocele.

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