Dynamic Pada Hastasana (Dynamic Forward Bending Pose)

This is the easiest form of pada hastasana. It can be done by anyone except those listed under the heading ‘Limitations’ given for pada hastasana. It is very useful for removing excess weight, limbering up the body and for maintaining general good health. It is a good substitute for surya namaskara.


Stand erect with the feet together and legs straight.

Raise the arms above the head, leaning backwards slightly. Breathe out and bend forwards.

try to touch your hands to the floor. If this is impossible then touch the tips of your fingers on the floor. If this is impossible then bend forwards as much as possible reaching towards the ground. Keep the legs straight throughout. Breathe in and raise the body to the starting pose. This is 1 round. In the starting position, try to bend your back backwards but without strain. Do as many rounds as you can without fatigue. Up to 20 is a reasonable number.

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