Eka Pada Pranamasana (One-Legged Prayer Pose)

The word eka means ‘one’, ‘single’; pada means ‘leg’ and pranam means ‘prayer’. This asana can therefore be translated as the ‘one-legged prayer pose’.


Stand upright with the two feet together.

Face forwards and gaze at a fixed point on the wall in front of your eyes.

Bend one leg and place the sole in contact with the thigh of the other leg.

Using your hands, adjust the heel so that it is close to the perineum.

Raise your hands and place the palms together in front of your chest.

Keep your eyes on the fixed point.

This is the final pose.

Breathe normally.

Stay in the final pose for a minute or so, taking care to maintain balance.

Then lower the folded leg to the ground.

Bend and raise the other leg and repeat exactly the same process.


Keep your attention on the fixed point in front of you throughout the practice.

Further details

Refer to ‘General Details’ given later.

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