Garbha Pindasana (Foetus In The Womb Pose)

The word garbha means ‘womb’ and pindasana means foetus, so this asana is literally called ‘the foetus in the womb pose’.

This asana can only be done by those people who can easily sit in padmasana and who have slim legs and arms.



Sit in padmasana.

Slowly slide the two arms between the calf and thigh of each leg. This insertion is easier if the arms and legs are wet or oiled.

Insert the arms until you can bend them at the elbows under the calves.

Fold the arms upwards and raise the legs.

Place the hands behind or on the side of the head.

Simultaneously maintain balance of the body so that only the bottom of the spine rests on the floor; this is much easier than it looks.

This is the final pose.

Stay in the final pose for as long as you feel comfortable.

If you wish you can close the eyes.

Then lower the arms and legs.

Release the arms from the legs.

Easier method of inserting the arms

Even people with slim and flexible legs will find it difficult to insert the arms between the folded legs.

An easier method is as follows:

Sit with the legs straight in front of the body.

Fold one leg so that the foot rests on the opposite thigh.

Insert the arm on the same side of the body between the thigh and calf; at this stage it -hould be comparatively easy.

The elbow should be placed so that it is behind the knee of the folded leg.

Then carefully fold the other leg and adjust the foot so that it rests on the opposite thigh behind the previously folded arm; this may need a little manipulation, but it can be done with practice.

Then insert the other arm between the calf and thigh of the folded leg on the same side.

From this position the asana can be done very easily.

Breathing and awareness

Breathe normally throughout the entire practice. Pay attention to attaining the final pose and maintaining balance.


If you can do this asana you will find it very useful in calming the mind and soothing away anger and tension. It develops the sense of balance.

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