Gomukhasana (Cow’s Face Pose) | Breathing & Benefits

The breathing should be normal in the final pose. If you wish you can practise ujjayi pranayama.


Be aware of the breathing in the final pose.


You can practise gomukhasana for as long as you wish: there is no limit. At least a minute or two in each direction is recommended.


Gomukhasana can be practised at any place and at any time. It can be done at any stage in your asana practice program.


Gomukhasana is an excellent asana for inducing relaxation. If you feel tired, tense or worried then we strongly suggest that you practise gomukhasana for at least ten minutes. It helps to greatly ease away tension. For this reason, it has been found very useful for helping to relieve ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sexual malfunctions.

Gomukhasana directly helps to remove stiffness in the spine, neck and shoulders. It also develops the chest and improves breathing.

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