Islam and the chakras

In Islam there is a story that relates directly to the progressive awakening of the chakras. It tells of Mohammed’s night journey to heaven in which he passes through the seven heavens into the presence of Allah. It is very similar to the story of Enoch. Mohammed was awakened one night by the angel Gabriel, who purified the prophet’s being by removing and washing his heart. Then Mohammed was conveyed to Jerusalem by a strange creature called an alborak, a white animal the same size and shape as a mule, with the head of a woman and the tail of a peacock. At Jerusalem, Mohammed dismounted on Mount Moriah where he started to ascend a golden ladder lowered from heaven. Accompanied by Gabriel, he then proceeded to pass through the seven heavenly realms (chakras). The gate to each heaven was guarded by one of the patriarchs, to whom Mohammed paid due respect. These correspond to the presiding deity representing the nature of each chakra. At the gate of the first heaven (mooladhara) stood Adam, at the second gate (swadhisthana) stood John, at the third gate (manipura) Joseph, at the fourth gate (anahata) Enoch, at the fifth (vishuddhi) Aaron, at the sixth (ajna) Moses, and at the seventh Abraham (or according to other accounts Jesus). At this heaven Mohammed entered the throne of Allah, the sahasrara. Behind this story, there is much symbology associated with the different guardians of the chakras. But the story is an allegory for the awakening of the chakras.

The well-known Sufis were also fully acquainted with the chakras and used them in some of their practices.

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