Jnana Yoga | Part 4

It is not necessary to pose the question “Who am I?” Any question can be asked but it must be a question for which you desperately seek an answer. Actually, if you are really ready for the path of jnana yoga, then you probably don’t need to pose the question. The question will already be there. It will be nagging at you from under the surface of your mind. If you have to sit down and ask yourself: ‘What will be the question that I will ask myself?’ then jnana yoga is not your path. At the present time if you have to sit down and try to think of a question, then it means that there is no question that sufficiently obsesses you, and that you do not deeply and seriously question the nature of your being and existence. If you have a question that haunts you day and night, then that question will be your vehicle in jnana yoga. A tew minutes thought will convince you that jnana yoga is the method of scientific discovery, artistic creation and musical inspiration Of course, it is not known as jnana yoga, but the process is basically the same. All scientific discoveries, all artistic and musical creations have one thing in common: they rave defied logic. They have arisen because of intuitive flashes. The perception of a scientific aw or a piece of music occurred suddenly – it happened like a thunderclap. The scientist, musician or artist suddenly saw something that was not defined by the existing arena of accepted and documented knowledge. No scientific discoveries or works of art have ever been worked out using the laws of logic or the intellect. The intellect comes subsequently when flashes are rationalized in order to fit the new knowledge into current patterns of thought of the rational world.

The sum total of knowledge, known and unknown, can be compared very roughly, and not very correctly, to a large field (let us assume tor the sake of the analogy that knowledge is finite). The surface and earth of this field represent the sum total of knowledge. In the field there are various holes – some big, some small. These represent knowledge that is currently known. The size of the hole represents the amount that is known about that particular subject. It is logic and rational thinking that enlarges each hole, using the ‘intuitive’ knowledge as its basis. In other words, the hole was perhaps started by a certain scientist who intuited some knowledge about a specific phenomenon. By technology, applied science, etc. the hole is enlarged. The method of logic does not dig new holes, it merely enlarges existing holes. There are large parts of the field that contain no holes. This is unknown knowledge’. The only way for this knowledge to be known is for new holes to be dug. The method is intuitive flashes. It is intuition that creates new avenues of knowledge. It is logic that enlarges these avenues and applies the knowledge in the world for constructive (and destructive) purposes.

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