Jnana Yoga | Part 6

Jnana is the path of intense reflection. This reflection leads to intuitive knowledge. Nothing must be taken for granted. Discard and reject all preconceived dogmas. Ask yourself questions such as ‘What is this thing called I?’ ‘What is consciousness?’ ‘Is there any truth in the atma that is mentioned by so many sages? No, impossible. Why should I believe?’ Throw out everything that is not based on personal perception. All you have to do is to continually enquire.

The guru helps the disciple on the path of jnana even when the disciple does not know that he is treading the path ofjnana. The guru can pose a question, or he may say something that seems completely contradictory to the disciple. The guru may pose the question directly or indirectly; perhaps the disciple will hear a passing comment, but this leaves a lasting impression. Something within the disciple stirs. The mind is put in a state of crisis. The disciple becomes completely absorbed in trying to solve or come to grips with the problem. Deeper forces come into play in order to try to resolve the conflict. He starts to contemplate on the problem. He becomes totally absorbed, subconsciously and consciously, trying to solve the dilemma. The mind is tuned up; it becomes supercharged and one-pointed. The mind that was previously diverted here and there and engrossed in trivial thoughts becomes completely engulfed in the enquiry. This enquiry need not always be on a conscious level. All the different levels of one’s being are brought into play in order to battle with the enquiry. The whole mind flows in one current. The seed has been planted – all forces are consolidated to bring about fruition. The mind is normally like a river with many currents; it wanders here and there without any real force. Then the lock gates are opened . . . the currents are swept away. The river flows with one mighty unified force. The enquiry opens up the blocks of the mind. The dammed up mind is released; it becomes receptive to the influx of intuition. Higher truth is revealed in intuitive flashes passing through the medium of a concentrated yet relaxed mind. This is jnana.

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