Koormasana (Tortoise Pose) | Breathing, awareness and duration

Breathe in as you lean forward. Breathe out as you relax the body. Breathe deeply and slowly in the final pose.

Be aware of relaxing the spine and synchronizing the breath with the forward bend. In the final pose be aware of breathing.

You can practise koormasana for as long as you wish providing there is no strain.

Time of practice

Do not practise after taking food; wait for at least three hours. The best time is early in the morning, before breakfast, and late in the afternoon, before the evening meal.


People who suffer from the following ailments should not attempt to do koormasana:

  • slipped disc
  • sciatica
  • hernia

You must use your discretion; only practise the asana if you are certain that your spine is sufficiently flexible.


Any backward bending asana can be done immediately before or after koormasana. We suggest bhujangasana3, matsyasana or supta vajrasana.


This asana gives the general benefits of other forward bending asanas. It loosens up the vertebrae of the spine and tones the spinal nerves. It massages and improves the functional efficiency of the abdominal organs. It is specifically recommended for relieving constipation and backache, and for inducing mental relaxation.

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