Kriya 12: Shambhavi (Parvati’s Lotus) | Technique

Sit in a comfortable pose.

Keep the eyes closed.

Hold the back straight.

Do khechari mudra.

Try to visualize the lotus growing in the spine.

The roots are white or transparent green and they spread out from the region of the mooladhara chakra.

The long, thin, green stem rises upwards in the enter of the spine.

The lotus flower is closed like a bud; below the bud are a few light green, immature petals.

The petals are light pink with red veins.

Visualize the flower at the region of sahasrara.

Try to visualize the whole lotus, from roots to the flower, in the chidakasha; but feel as though it is growing in the spine. Exhale deeply.

Fix your awareness at mooladhara.

Visualize the roots of the lotus.

Inhale slowly with ujjayi and let your awareness gradually ascend the stem of the lotus in the spine.

If possible try to imagine that you are moving up the inside cavity of the stem.

Slowly your awareness climbs the stem as you inhale.

At the end of inhalation, your awareness should have reached the top of die stem immediately below the bud.

Hold your breath.

Fix your awareness at sahasrara.

The flower is closed, but slowly it opens and the petals spread out to show the full blossom of the beautiful lotus.

As it opens you will see the yellow tipped stamen in the centre.

The flower closes again, and then begins to open.

You must try to feel as though you are perceiving the lotus from both the inside and the outside.

Watch the lotus slowly open and close.

Continue to watch the lotus until the flower ceases to open and close, remaining in bud form, or until you have to exhale.

Then exhale with ujjayi, letting your awareness slowly descend the stem in the spine to mooladhara.

Exhalation should end when you reach mooladhara.

This is the end of 1 round.

Start the second round.

Hold your breath for a few seconds while visualizing the roots spreading out from mooladhara.

Then inhale and ascend the lotus stem again.

Do 11 complete rounds.


Practise ujjayi pranayama throughout. Hold the breath while visualizing the roots of the lotus. Inhale as you ascend the stem. Hold the breath while visualizing the opening and closing of the flower. Exhale as you descend the stem.


Be aware of the entire lotus: roots, stem and flower; simultaneously be aware of the breathing process.

Number of rounds

Do 11 rounds. This will take about 11 minutes.

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