Kriya 19: Linga Sanchalana (Astral Conduction)

The word linga has many meanings and vast implications. In the context of this kriya it means ‘the astral body’. The word sanchalana means ‘conduction’ and also ‘to rhythmically expand and contract’. Therefore, the name of this kriya in English is ‘the expansion and contraction of the astral body’. Using the breathing process as a stepping stone, one eventually feels the expansion and contraction of the astral body. This leads to higher perception.

Sitting position

Remain in exactly the same sitting pose as utilized for the previous kriya.

Don’t move.

In fact, if you have practised swaroopa darshana correctly you will feel so stiff in the body that you will not be able to move even one finger.

If you move your body even slightly then the smooth, sequential flow of kriyas will be disturbed, the mind will lose its one-pointedness, and the practice will fail to bring results.


At the end of swaroopa darshana your body should be as stiff and motionless as a rock.


Immediately start linga sanchalana.

Keep your eyes closed. Your awareness should be fixed on breathing.

You should find that you are doing spontaneous, effortless ujjayi pranayama and khechari mudra.

Feel that your whole body is inhaling and exhaling.

As you inhale imagine that every part of your body is taking in air.

With exhalation, air is expelled through every cell, every limb of your body.

Continue to imagine this process for a short time.

You will notice that your body seems to expand with every inhalation and contract on eveiy exhalation.

Yet, at the same time, your body, your physical body, remains as stiff and immovable as a stone statue.

It is a peculiar feeling; how can the body remain rigid yet simultaneously contract and expand?

The answer is simple … it is your astral body that is expanding and contracting, not the physical body.

Observe this process.

Gradually the rhythmical expansion and contraction will become more intense and more pronounced.

The extent of expansion, however, will remain the same but the degree of contraction will become more pronounced.

Be aware of this process, synchronized with breathing.

Expansion takes place to a constant limit, but contraction is becoming more and more, until eventually the astral body reduces to a single point of light.

Your whole being seems to contract to one tiny, concentrated point.

When you have this experience, discontinue this kriya.

Proceed immediately to the last kriya.

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