Kriya 20: Dhyana (Meditation)

Dhyana means meditation. It does not mean pretty or nice thoughts or psychic pictures; it is a transcendental state of being, the experience of which will transform your whole life. Actually, dhyana is not, and cannot be a kriya technique, since it is impossible to practise dhyana. The word kriya implies that you practise something and in dhyana you do not practise anything. You do not create or make the state of dhyana – it happens by itself, spontaneously, when your mind is ready and receptive. Therefore, the name of this kriya is really a misnomer; it should be called ‘the preliminary to dhyana’.


Kriya yoga is very systematic. The first kriyas (1-9) are concerned with inducing pratyahara; kriyas 10-19 are concerned with gradually inducing dharana. The last kriya, number 20, is such that it should allow one to glide smoothly into the meditative state. Each of these stages is absolutely necessary; they must be achieved before meditation can take place. This is why we emphasize that the kriyas must be practised sequentially from the beginning to the end. Omission of one or some of the kriyas means that the mind is not tuned to the required receptivity; under these circumstances meditation will not arise. Please remember this.

Sitting position

Remain in the same sitting pose as used for the previous kriya. Keep the eyes closed.


Having completed linga sanchalana you should have perceived your astral body as a point, a bindu.

Concentrate on that point.

You will see that it has the form of a golden egg.

Focus your awareness entirely on this egg.

Gradually it will begin to expand . . . spontaneously.

Watch carefully.

The golden egg is luminous and glowing, yet it does not emit any rays of light.

The egg becomes larger and larger . . . and it begins to take on a form . . . and give off light. It is the dazzling form of your karana sharir (causal self) . . . but expect nothing . . . and then . . . dhyana . . .

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