Kriya Yoga | Aspiration and patience

A person can never raise his level of wisdom without aspiration. Every yogi, sage, seer, saint had this overwhelming need and aspiration to know. Only when there is this strong need to transcend normally accepted limitation, can one begin to tread the path to wisdom. This aspiration is also necessary in kriya yoga practice. Without it, you will give up after a few weeks and become distracted by other things. There must be aspiration, for this is the driving force that will make you continue to practise kriya yoga through thick and thin. It is aspiration that will give you the strength to face the dross that will initially emerge from your mind. If you have this mighty aspiration, then we urge you to start kriya yoga.

The culmination of kriya yoga

Kriya yoga is in itself a means. It is designed to illuminate and flood the understanding of the practitioner so that you remove all misconceptions, clean the mind and re-identify yourself with the deeper nature. This re-identification can only come through overwhelming personal experience. This is sometimes called anugraha (grace). It can arise through kriya yoga. Once one has confronted one’s swabhava real nature) then kriya yoga has served its purpose. One will henceforth fix one’s mind automatically on Shiva consciousness. One will spontaneously identify oneself with one’s real nature, through bad and good circumstances of life. One’s whole life becomes full with this re-identification. One’s life becomes a source and generator of bliss and wisdom. Kriya yoga is a step on this path.

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