Kriya Yoga | Physical side-effects

The eruption of subconscious forces, the purging process of the mind, may bring health changes. These health changes may be either negative or positive. Again this is a necessary process. since the knots of neurosis are being rooted out in the deeper levels of the subconscious mind. This will automatically induce changes on a physical level. If your health improves, then there is no cause for complaint.

If your health deteriorates, then you can either accept and flow with the situation or seek guidance. Many people who practise kriya yogain the ashram become physically weak, or have diarrhea. In the ashram we know it to be part of the mental cleaning process and expect it to happen to some people. We can therefore explain to the people concerned that there is no real cause for alarm. However, when you practise by yourself, you must decide whether to accept changes of health, or to take steps to bring improvement.

Whether your health improves or deteriorates, it is really a move to greater and deeper overall harmony. Health upsets are a temporary phenomena and as you harmonize the mind you will become stronger and any physical ailments will gradually reduce. These ups and downs in health point in a positive direction. If, however, the downs are too drastic, then you should stop your practices. Certainly you should not practise during illness.

Increase in desire

Kriya yoga practice may induce strong, overwhelming desires for many things, such as sweets, rich food, etc. This increase in desire means that previously unexpressed and possibly suppressed desires are manifesting. Let them arise; express them externally if need be, if possible without hurting others. Try to be aware. This process is also part of the cleansing of the mind.

Lack of time

If your social commitments do not allow you enough time to practise every day, then do not start to practise kriya yoga. You should only undertake to do kriya yoga sadhana if you can assign sufficient time to practise every morning. At first only half an hour will be necessary, but as you increase the number of kriyas you will be required to practise for a longer period. The full program of kriyas can take about two and a halfhours to complete. If you practise about half of them, then about an hour and three quarters to two hours will be needed. So time is necessary. If you only have ten minutes or half an hour to spare every morning, then we suggest that you do not begin kriya yoga at this stage; rather make plans to practise it in the future. This is important. Kriya yoga is a means to self knowledge; it is not a plaything to be done lightly. It should be treated with respect. If you practise for three hours one day, then miss for five days, then again do one hour’s practice, you will gain little benefit, and because you gain no benefit you will probably lose respect for the practice. Yet if you practise regularly for a reasonable duration, then you will find wonderful changes in your life.

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