Kriya Yoga: Practice | Kriya 6: Maha Mudra (Great Psychic Attitude)

The Sanskrit word maha means ‘great’ and mudra means ‘psychic attitude’. In English this kriya can be called the ‘great psychic attitude’. There are two methods, one of which should be chosen.


Maha mudra is the first of two closely related Kriyas. The second is called maha bheda mudra. Together they create and release a lot of energy in the physical, pranic and mental bodies.

The krivas that we have already discussed, namely nos. 1-5, are specifically concerned with inducing pratyahara – withdrawing one’s awareness of sensory perception of the outside world and the mind. The kriyas from no. 8 onwards are designed to induce dharana, mental one-pointedness. Maha mudra and maha bheda mudra act as stepping stones which simultaneously supercharge the whole system and concentrate the mind. They intensify awareness.

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