Kriya Yoga | Sequence and duration

Each kriya has an intimate relationship with the preceding and subsequent kriyas. Each kriya influences the other kriyas in a specific manner, therefore the order in which they are practised is most important. If they are done in the wrong order, then kriya yoga will either fail to produce results or, even worse, it may lead to negative results. The correct order of practice allows the mind-body to be systematically balanced; incorrect order of practice may lead to imbalance. Therefore, we urge you to practise the kriyas in the given order.

Each kriya also has a fixed duration or number of rounds. These durations may seem arbitrary but in fact they have been found to be the ideal durations for optimum results. Remember: kriya yoga is the result of hundreds, even thousands of years of experimentation by countless yogis. Nothing in the system is arbitrary. Therefore, try to practise each kriya for the prescribed duration: no less, no more and in the correct sequence.

Attitude and effortlessness

While doing the kriya yoga practices one should have the attitude of trying, but without trying, doing without doing. This is not easy, but this attitude will bring the greatest results. One must not be too attached to the method, yet one must take care that the kriyas are done correctly.

Kriya yoga should be done for the joy of doing the kriyas; if it becomes too much of a burden and a chore, then it is difficult to practise and obtain the best results. Try to integrate the kriya practices into your daily life like other daily activities. They should become a habit. A person takes breakfast without effort or strain. Few people eat their breakfast grudgingly or unwillingly; they eat with hunger and enthusiasm. Practice of kriya yoga should be the same. You should look forward to the daily practice program. At times this will be difficult, especially when there are many problems in the mind, but this is the ideal attitude – enthusiasm and joy in your practice.

If you can adopt the attitude of purposelessness through purpose and effortlessness through effort, then you are on the right track. Try not to have the strong feeling of being the doer. Let the kriyas ‘happen’ through your mandala being.

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