Kriya Yoga: Specific Rules Of Practice | Part 2

Sitting position

For most kriyas, the ideal asanas are padmasana and siddhasana (siddha yoni asana for females)6. If you cannot sit in either of these asanas, you can adopt alternative sitting asanas which we will describe as we introduce each individual kriya in turn.

You should try to adopt the habit of keeping the back as straight as possible, but without strain. In this erect position it is far easier to locate the chakra and kshetram trigger points and to maintain awareness of rotation through these centres via the psychic pathways. If one sits with the back slumped forward one will easily fall asleep.


At first your attention may wander everywhere; everywhere, that is, except on the practice. Do not worry; let the attention wander and let the thoughts arise. Do not suppress them, but watch them carefully while maintaining awareness of the practice. Eventually the bubbling thoughts will subside and your mind will become one-pointed. You must only persevere with your practice.

You must develop the habit of regularly checking that you are maintaining awareness of the practice and that you are not totally lost in a haze of thoughts. This checking procedure will arise automatically when you change over from one kriya to the next.

Interruption of practice

If you have to go to the toilet midway through your practice, try not to get distracted by any outer events, and avoid talking. Fix your awareness on the movement of the body, breathing, or a mantra until you return.

If you feel stiff during your practice, it is better to interrupt the practice and loosen up the body.


Try to practise every day without fail. Even if your mind is in a state of turmoil, even if your attention jumps here and there like a wild monkey, still try to carry on your daily practice program. Only stop your practice if you become ill.

You should make a strong resolve that you will practise kriya yoga every day, through thick and thin, without fail. Before you sleep at night make a strong resolve that you will get up in the morning and do the practices.

It is only by regular daily practice that you will reap the fruits of kriya yoga. You should make the resolve penetrate the deeper layers of the subconscious mind by repeating it with intensity, feeling and sincerity. If the resolve is planted in the subconscious, then it will manifest itself by making the body follow the dictates of the resolve. That is, your body and mind will wake up at a fixed time ever)’ morning and you will persevere with the practice.

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