Kriya Yoga | Subtlety of perception

All the systems of yoga are intended to develop subtle and direct perception. Jnana yoga does this through concentrated effort to answer an overwhelming enquiry. Bhakti yoga does it by making the emotional forces one-pointed. Mantra yoga does it by constant awareness of a mantra. Kriya yoga brings about subtle perception by harmonizing the forces of the entire body and mind, which leads directly to refinement of perception.

Through the practice of kriya yoga one starts to perceive the deeper aspects of one’s nature – the prana shakti emanating from the underlying substratum of consciousness. One dives deep to see where the endless phenomena of the mind originate. One watches the thought bubbles arising from the primordial depths. The mind is normally like a murky pond, where the source of ascending bubbles cannot be seen. The source can only be seen by diving into the water and closely surveying the bottom. It is the same with the mind, one must develop subtle perception, dive deep into the mind and closely survey the source of thought bubbles. The modern Indian mystic, Sri Dattabal said: “When you develop true sensitivity. the whole world will be an open book to you. revealing on each page new secrets and wonderful knowledge.”

Thus subtle perception of one’s being will bring about a total change in one’s attitude and understanding of the outside world. Therefore, those who seek wisdom should begin to practise kriya yoga, preferably combined with other forms of yoga.

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