Lesson 23 – The Balance of Life (Part 2)

What is the meaning behind the ida and pingala? It is trying to tell you a great secret of spiritual life. It is trying to tell you that there should not be attachment to the inner phenomena of the mind; nor should there be attachment to the phenomena of the outside world. One has to centre right in the middle where there is pure awareness. This awareness is neither in the inside world nor in the outside world … it is in the middle and beyond both. Therefore, try to be detached both internally and externally. It is only in this way that there will be the jump into the realm of pure awareness . . . the sushumna . . . the subtle, blissful vortex or tube that passes through all the chakras. This centring of the ida and pingala and detachment to both the inner and outer world is not easy. In fact, you cannot make it happen consciously. It can only happen spontaneously. But at least bear it in mind in your daily life encounters and when you practise yoga techniques. It is this centring, this razor’s edge between the ida and pingala principles that is the essence of spiritual life.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Topic 5

The Balance of Life (Part 2)

Many people are very concerned with the chakras and practising techniques that unlock the potential that they represent. There is nothing wrong with this, but what is usually forgotten is that the awakening of these chakras is associated with balance of the ida and pingala. The ancient sages associated the chakras with the ida and pingala for a good reason, knowing that forceful attempts to awaken the chakras, without corresponding balance of the ida and pingala, could do more harm than good. Many people who have done too much sadhana without taking care to balance and harmonize inner and outer life have found this to be true at their own expense. They have either had bad experiences or have become very ill. So we emphasize: have aspiration to unlock the potential of the chakras, but at the same time try to make sure the ida and pingala are balanced at all levels. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to make progress. The process should be slow but sure. This will allow your body, mind and emotions to adjust themselves to new and more refined levels of functioning.

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