Lesson 30 | Kriya 7: Maha Bheda Mudra (Great Piercing Psychic Attitude)

It makes no difference whether you worship God, Jehovah, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Christ or Krishna – it is still and always one and the same Cod. The difference is only in name, such as God, Gott, Dieu or Dios.

The omnipotent, the almighty, is and always will be the same, whether one is Hindu, Brahmin, Christian or whatever.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Topic 1

Kriya Yoga: Practice

Kriya 7: Maha Bheda Mudra Great Piercing Psychic Attitude)

The Sanskrit word maha means ‘great’; bheda means ‘piercing’ and mudra means ‘psychic attitude. This kriya is therefore called ‘the great piercing psychic attitude’. It supplements and directly follows maha mudra1. Together they supercharge the whole mind-body.

There are two alternative methods. Choose and practise either one according to your capacity and preference.

Subsidiary practices

To do maha bheda mudra you should know the following basic techniques:

1. Ujjayi pranayama

2. Knechari mudra

3. Unmani mudra’

4. Moola bandha

5. Nasikagra drishti

6. Jalandhara bandha

7. Uddiyana bandha

You should already know the first three techniques since they are an integral part of the previous kriyas numbers 3 to 9. Nasikagra dnshti, uddiyana bandha, jalandhara bandha and the full form of moola bandha should be mastered. ‘

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