Ltthita Hasta Merudandasana Raised Hand And Spine Pose)

The word utthita means ‘raised’; hasta means

hand’; merudanda means ‘spine’. In English this asana can be called ‘raised hand and spine pose”. This asana is very similar to merudandasana.


Take a sitting position.

Bend the legs and place the soles of the feet together on the ground in front of the buttocks.

Hold the big toes with the thumb and index finger of each hand.

Breathe in deeply.

Lean backwards and straighten the two legs, keeping them together.

The body should be supported and balanced only on the buttocks.

The arms and legs should be straight and together.

Hold the breath and final pose for as long as possible.

Then lower the legs to the starting position.

Rest for a short period of time.

Then repeat.

All details are given under the ‘General Details’ heading.

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