Maha Bheda Mudra – Alternative 1 | Breathing

Ujjayi pranayama should be done throughout the practice. Retain the breath while repeating ‘mooladhara’ three times. Inhale while ascending the frontal passage. Retain the breath while repeating ‘bindu’ three times. Exhale while descending the spinal passage.

Application of bandhas and nasikagra drishti

Make sure that all the bandhas are done correctly and in the right sequence. At first you will have to pay close attention to this, but with regular practice the bandhas will lock and tighten automatically without effort and at the right stage of the kriya.

Also note that the nose tip gazing is subtly yet directly related to the application of the bandhas. Nasikagra drishti helps to tighten the lock of the bandhas. Make sure that nasikagra drishti and the bandhas are done simultaneously and that you do not forget to do them while rotating awareness through the centres nasikagra, uddiyana and mool.

Beginners will find it difficult to practise nasikagra drishti for more than a minute or so without feeling pain and discomfort in the eyes. Do not strain. If necessary stop doing nasikagra drishti when you feel discomfort but continue the bandhas and rotation of awareness. Slowly increase the duration of nasikagra as the eye muscles adapt themselves to the new practice.

Rotation through nasikagra, uddiyana and mool

This rotation of awareness is done while holding the breath. Beginners are advised to practise only 3 rotations at first, slowly increasing by one round at a time as they develop the ability to easily hold the breath for a longer duration. Eventually you should do the complete 12 rotations.

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