Manduki Mudra (Frog Attitude) | Sitting position

The sitting pose for manduki mudra is called bhadrasana (the gentleman’s pose). There are three variations as follows:

1. Traditional method: this is a difficult practice, to be done only by those with very flexible legs. The method is as follows:

Sit in vajrasana.

Place the feet so that they point in opposite directions and away from the body (see figure 1). Separate the knees as far as possible without strain.

Let the buttocks rest firmly on the floor.

Pace the hands on the knees, palms downwards.

Hold the spine and head upright.

This is the final pose.

2. Alternative method: this method is much easier and is more widely used by people who practise kriya yoga.

The technique is the same as method 1 except that the feet point towards each other with the soles facing upwards. The buttocks should rest on the floor. This method is illustrated in figure 2 and 3.




3. Method for beginners: most people will find that both methods 1 and 2 are too difficult. In this case a blanket should be folded a number of times and placed under the buttocks (see figure 4). This will apply a firm pressure in the region of mooladhara chakra.

Choose any of the above methods according to the flexibility of your legs and preference. The important thing is that the mooladhara chakra trigger point is pressed by either the floor or the top of the blanket.

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