Manduki Mudra (Frog Attitude) | Technique

Sit in bhadrasana.

Ensure that the buttocks are firmly in contact with the floor (or the top of the folded blanket).

Hold the back and head erect.

Relax the arms.

Open the eyes.

Do nasikagra drishti.

Be aware of the natural flow of breath through the nostrils.

You must imagine that the flow of breath in each nostril meets at the eyebrow centre; that is the flow of breath follows a conical or V-shaped pathway.

As you inhale the flow of breath in the two nostrils merge with each other at eyebrow centre.

As you exhale the two flows diverge from the eyebrow centre and move outwards through the nose.

Be completely aware of this flow of breath which alternately converges and then diverges.

Feel it.

Simultaneously be aware of smell, all smells.

At this stage of kriya yoga practice your senses, including the sense of smell, should be very sensitive.

The aim is to try to smell the astral body; it has a subtle fragrance that some describe as being similar to the pervading aroma of sandalwood. Continue to be aware of both the flow of breath and the sense of smell. If your eyes become tired then relax them for a minute or so before again doing nasikagra drishti. Continue the practice until you feel bliss. Do not become lost in the practice, since there is much more of the journey ahead; this bliss is merely a pleasant distraction.

When you feel some bliss then proceed directly to the next kriya.


Breathing should be slow and deep.

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