Manipura Chakra — Attributes

This is the chakra level where people become very active and extroverted. They involve themselves with many external activities whether in work or play. Many people in the world are functioning at this level. They try to impose their will on other people and the world around them. It is the centre where all things and other people are seen as a means to providing personal power and satisfying worldly ambitions.

The manipura is the centre of dynamism and energy. People at this level are predominantly rajasic (active and intense) in nature; the lower chakras, mooladhara and swadhisthana, are predominantly tamasic (lethargic and negative) in nature.

At the level of the manipura chakra people seriously begin to question their attitude towards life and their place in the scheme of existence. This is in accordance with the Buddhist concept that the kundalini resides in manipura. Until the level of manipura, people are not knowingly on the path to expansion of the mind.


The physical trigger point of the manipura chakra is in the middle of the spine directly behind the navel. For the purposes of location in the early stages, it is worthwhile placing one finger on the navel and then placing a finger of the other hand on the corresponding location on the back at the same horizontal level. With the eyes open, adjust the position of the finger at the back and then press it firmly into the spine. Then feel the sensation of that exact point of pressure. In time, this will enable you to feel the precise position of the trigger point in the spine with the eyes closed.

Manipura kshetram

In kriya yoga practices, the area of the body directly in front of the manipura chakra area on the front surface of the body is also used as a point of awareness. This is called the manipura kshetram and is exactly located at the navel. You should develop the ability to locate this region. Most people should find it quite easy to feel and locate the manipura kshetram with the eyes closed.

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