Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) | Benefits

Mayurasana is a unique asana in that it vigorously stimulates the entire body processes. It stimulates the blood circulation and the process of metabolism. It thereby helps to purify the blood and in turn the whole body. If you have a bad complexion and boils then we suggest that you try mayurasana combined with the following program:

  • Stop eating highly toxic foods such as spices, meat, sweets and any synthetic, adulterated foods that are difficult to digest.
  • Adopt a simple diet consisting of such items as buttermilk, fruit, vegetables, grains, etc.
  • Apply your urine all over your body before a bath. Leave it on your body for about one minute before washing it off.
  • After two weeks practising the above, start to practise mayurasana every few hours, for at least a few minutes each time. If mayurasana is too difficult then do hamsasana or padma mayurasana as alternatives.

Try this program for one month. It should bring a general inner and outer purification of the entire body. It will be a great help in removing boils etc. If you see no marked improvement then extend the program for another few weeks.

In one respect, however, you have to be careful; mayurasana tends to expel impurities in the body very’ quickly. You may initially find that your skin complexion and boils become worse; this is merely the manifestation of inner toxins. Either persevere with your practice or reduce the number of times that you do mayurasana; you must decide. If you wish, seek expert advice.

Mavurasana massages and stimulates all the digestive organs. It is very useful for treating diabetes, constipation, flatulence, sluggishness in the liver and kidneys, etc. Mayurasana stimulates the process of waste removal from the bowels. It is a very useful asana for many types of digestive ailments and also helps to keep the digestive system in good, efficient order.

Mayurasana also helps to harmonize the glands of the endocrinal system. It strengthens the muscles of the whole body and develops muscular control along with a sense of balance.

Integration with other practices

Mavurasana is an important part of basti. It is utilized to fully eliminate water from the bowels.

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