Meditation: Ajapa Japa (Stage 4)


Nowadays there is an overwhelming tendency for human endeavour to be completely absorbed in the outside world. Everything in society, in education and so forth is orientated towards outside aspiration and activity. In fact, any tendency to be introverted is widely regarded as abnormal. The direction of man’s life is almost totally fixed on the pingala path. This results in disequilibrium in life because the pingala is not supplemented and balanced by the ida path of introspection. This is one of the main reasons for so much mental turmoil and dissatisfaction in the world today. Attention is continually directed outwards, so that one never knows the nature of the inner world. And balance between the inner and outer realms, ida and pingala is essential in order to find spiritual bliss and knowledge.

The whole aim of yoga is to find this balance between ida and pingala. Many methods are utilized. One of the simplest yet most effective is ajapa. Continuous practise of ajapa puts you in tune with the breath and the associated mantra. The breath is a continual reminder that you must be aware of yourself in relation to the outer and inner world. And while you are alive, the breath never stops. It is therefore the continual reminder. If you use it, it will make you more harmonized and sensitive. You will attain perfect balance between excessive introversion and excessive extroversion; you will find there is a balance between becoming totally lost in the outside world of material objects and becoming totally lost in the inner world of fascinating psychic events. Perfect balance of ida and pingala implies that the sushumna functions. This leads directly to meditation.

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