Mooladhara Chakra Location

The location of the mooladhara chakra is in the region of the perineum. It is slightly different in man and woman as follows: For males: midway between the anus and the sexual organ, a centimetre or so above the skin surface. For females: at the cervix, where the vagina and the uterus join. The location is important for the purpose of yoga practices, including kriya yoga. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the area by practising the following technique.

Mooladhara Chakra Location

The main purpose of this practice is to develop the ability to locate the trigger point of the mooladhara chakra, both phvsicallv and mentally.


Sit in a comfortable position. Close the eyes. Hold the spine erect. For a short time be aware of breathing.

Stage 1

Do moola bandha.

Make sure that the contraction is concentrated at the mooladhara chakra trigger point (though there will be some degree of contraction at the anus). Continue this for as long as you have time available, at least for a few minutes.

Stage 2

Leave moola bandha. Merely release and contract the trigger point rhythmically. About one contraction per second is reasonable; or if you wish you can synchronize the contraction with the heartbeat. Again, ensure that the contraction is focused at the exact trigger point and not at the anus. Direct all your attention to the point of contraction. Do this for a few minutes.

Stage 3

Leave all physical contraction. Try to feel the pulse beat at the trigger point; or try to mentally contract the point. Direct your attention to the mooladhara chakra area. The practice is the same as stage 2, but without physical contraction. Continue for as long as you have time to spare.


The awareness should be on the physical trigger point of the mooladhara chakra.


Try to spend about five minutes on each stage, giving a total of fifteen minutes for the entire practice.


With practice you will be able to pinpoint the trigger point exactly. Mere thought of the point will immediately induce a clear location of it. This level of sensitivity is necessary before beginning kriya yoga.

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