Nada Sanchalana (Rotation Of Sound Consciousness) | Technique

After completing kriya number 2, chakra anusandhana, you should proceed directly to nada sanchalana.

Do not change your sitting position.

Open the eyes.

Hold the spine upright.

Exhale deeply.

Bend your head forwards; do not press the chin against the chest or make the neck stiff.

The position of the head should be such that it is slumped forwards as though you are sleeping in a sitting position.

Fix your awareness at mooladhara chakra.

Repeat mentally: ‘mooladhara – mooladhara -mooladhara’ with concentration, absolute stillness of the body and while holding the breath.

Inhale up the frontal arohan passage doing ujjayi pranayama.

As your awareness ascends through the kshetrams, mentally say their name once: ‘swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi’.

Try to feel that each centre is being pierced by prana as your awareness passes through it.

As your awareness moves from vishuddhi to bindu slowly raise your head.

When your awareness reaches bindu your head should be upright and facing forwards.

Hold your breath for a short time.

With awareness fixed at bindu mentally repeat: ‘bindu – bindu – bindu’.

Remember: there should be complete concentration, stillness of the body and no movement of the head while repeating ‘bindu’.

Then exhale with an explosive Aum sound.

You should feel as though there is a terrific build-up of pressure at bindu and that the result is an explosion of Aum .

The Aum should be chanted as your awareness passes down the awarohan passage in the spine from bindu to mooladhara.

The ‘AU’ sound of Aum should suddenly explode as your awareness passes from bindu to ajna.

The ‘M-M-M-M’ sound should travel from ajna to mooladhara, becoming progressively more subtle so that by the time your awareness reaches mooladhara it is a slight buzzing sound.

Practise unmani as your awareness descends.

Mentally say the name of each centre as your awareness passes through them in turn: ‘ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana’.

When you reach mooladhara gently lean your head forwards.

Open your eyes.

This is the end of the first round.

The process is summarized picture on the previous page.

After completing the first round start the second immediately.

Repeat the word: ‘mooladhara – mooladhara – mooladhara’.

Then with ujjayi pranayama start to ascend through the frontal arohan psychic passage.

Do 13 rounds.

Then proceed directly to kriya number 44.

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