Naturopathy | Spinal manipulation and massage

To be strictly correct, these belong to the closely associated fields of osteopathy and chiropractic. They are commonly used as an adjunct in naturopathic practices. In theory, a basic requirement for the proper function of any organ is that it receives its normal nerve supply from the central nervous system. If the nerve supply is blocked at any point, such as by pinching due to misaligned spinal vertebrae, then the organ to which this nerve force was directed suffers abnormal function and as a result may move into a diseased state. In such a case, it is commonly found:

  1. The muscles surrounding the misaligned spinal bones have gone into spasm to immobilize the area and prevent further injury.
  2. Crystallization has built up as a further precaution and as a result of stress to the tissue.
  3. The body has accommodated to the pain and the lack of mobility, and quite often the patient is unaware of any problem at all.
  4. The organ thus out of balance is involved in considerable malfunctioning at the metabolic level, and so dietary and herbal therapies are frequently required also.


Frequently, for deep-seated conditions and for mental states, the naturopath will employ some homeopathic remedies. This is quite an old form of medicine based on a very little investigated property of matter: the properties it possesses when diluted down to infinitesimal concentrations under special conditions. Orthodox chemistry and medicine would state that there is nothing in the solution except water, yet this water has astonishing properties.


Naturopathy in effect is a system of therapies, all based on the one aim to revitalize the body by whatever means the patient will try. For the philosophy has it that in building health and vitality, disease will take care of itself.

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