Naumukhi Mudra | Breathing

Ujjayi breathing throughout the practice. Hold the breath while repeating the ‘mooladhara’ mantra. Inhale while ascending the frontal passage. Hold the breath while visualizing the trident and repeating the ‘bindu bhedan’ rrantra. Exhale while descending the spinal parage.


Fix awareness on breathing, chakras and kshetrams, the closing of the nine gates, the trident and the ‘mooladhara’ and ‘bindu ohedan’ mantras.

Number of rounds

Do 3 rounds. This should take about 5 minutes – a little more, a little less – depending on your control of breath.


  • Most people will find it difficult to complete a round with one respiration. You may feel slight suffocation. In the beginning, it is best that you prematurely break the practice in the middle of the round and breathe in and out. Do not strain.
  • Perhaps you can do one complete round may still feel discomfort. Under these circumstances, we suggest that you breathe in once at the end of each round when your awareness reaches mooladhara. As you gain more control over the duration of inhalation, retention and exhalation, then this extra facility can be discarded.
  • After breath retention and visualization of the trident you may feel a little discomfort or difficulty in exhalation. The lungs seem to ‘lock’. We have found that this problem is overcome by inhaling slightly before exhalation.
  • It is extremely important that the back be held perfectly straight all throughout this kriya. If the spine is not straight, the sensation that follows the piercing of bindu will not be perceived.
  • It is also important that vajroli mudra be correctly performed, for this too heightens the sensations experienced during this practice. When vajroli mudra is perfected, the contraction of vajra nadi can be achieved without contracting the anal sphincter muscle. The sensation is like an electric current running the full length of vajra nadi to the brain.
  • Try to sensitize your awareness to the point where you actually feel the piercing of bindu. The sensation is similar to an electric-shock.

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