Padma Mayurasana (Lotus Or Bound Peacock Pose)

This is a form of mayurasana which can be done by those who can sit in padmasana.


The Sanskrit word padma means ‘lotus flower’. Literally, the English translation would be ‘the lotus peacock pose’. A better name, however, is the ‘bound peacock pose’.


Sit in padmasana. Raise the body so that the weight is supported on the knees. Place the palms flat on the floor in front of the body with the fingers pointing backwards. Bend the arms at the elbows and bring them together. Lean forwards and place them against each side of the abdomen.

Lean further forwards so that the chest rests on the upper arms. Find the balance point of the body. Lean further forwards and slowly raise the folded legs. Make the trunk, head and legs lie in one horizontal straight line. This is the final pose. Either hold your breath or breathe slowly and deeply. Stay in the final pose for a comfortable time. Then slowly lower the knees to the ground. Breathe normally for a short time. Then do another round.

Other details

All other details are as given for mayurasana, but slightly less intense. This asana looks quite impressive and quite difficult, but is in fact relatively easy if you can sit in padmasana.

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