Padma Parvatasana (Lotus Mountain Pose)

The word parvat means ‘mountain’ and padma means lotus. Therefore, this asana is called ‘the lotus mountain pose’. It is a balancing asana.



This is a difficult asana, therefore you can if you wish practise in front of a wall.

Sit in padmasana.

Using the arms for support, slowly raise the buttocks off the ground so that the weight of the body is entirely on the knees.

Slowly straighten the spine and make the back and legs vertical; remember you can use the support of a wall if you want.

Fix your gaze on a point on the wall directly in front of the eyes.

Raise one arm upwards, maintaining balance with the other arm.

Then when you feel ready try to raise the other arm upwards.

The final pose is shown.

If you lose balance try to fall forwards and immediately take support of the wall with the arms; if you fall backwards, quickly place the hands on the floor to reduce the impact of the fall.

Breathing and awareness

Normal breathing throughout the practice. Fix your attention on maintaining balance and on a fixed point on the wall.


If you can do this asana in front of a wall, then you can try it in the middle of an open space.


Develops sense of balance and helps to reduce nervous tension.

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