Pawan Sanchalana (Rotation Of Breath Consciousness) | Breathing

Ujjayi breathing throughout the practice. Hold the breath for a short time while repeating mooladhara three times. Inhale as you ascend the frontal arohan passage. Hold your breath for a short duration while repeating the word bindu three times. Exhale as you descend the spinal awarohan passage.

Mental turmoil

If your mind is disturbed, let your breathing become deeper and faster. Do not suppress the thoughts. If your mind is reasonably calm and one-pointed, let the breath be slower and more subtle, with little noise.


This is a long practice, it is easy to become bored and sleepy. Try to feel that you are being energized with each breath. Feel the prana building up in intensity and piercing each chakra and kshetram in turn. This will help to prevent sleep.


Maintain awareness throughout the practice. Fix your awareness on the ujjayi respiration, the piercing of the chakras and kshetrams, mental repetition and unmani mudra.


Pawan sanchalana should be done immediately after nada sanchalana, before shabda sanchalana.


You should do 49 complete rounds. This will take about 25 to 30 minutes depending on the depth and duration of breathing.

Counting of rounds

In this kriya you are strongly advised to use a mala to record the number of rounds as you do them. You will find it difficult to record mentally or with your fingers. Tie a knot between the forty-ninth and fiftieth bead after the sumeru bead, in the same way as described for nada sanchalana1. As you complete each round rotate the mala through one bead. That is rotate the mala when your awareness returns to the mooladhara chakra.

If you do not have a mala, then we suggest that you try to contact any experienced teachers or ashram and try to purchase one. A 108 bead mala is best. Tulsi, rudraksha, sandalwood and so on can be used according to your preference.

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